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ICICI Prudential Capital Protection Oriented Fund

Investment Philosophy

ICICI Prudential Capital Protection Oriented Fund seeks to protect capital by investing a portion of the portfolio in good quality debt securities and money market instruments and also to provide capital appreciation by investing the balance in equity and equity related securities. The securities would mature on or before the maturity of the Plan under the scheme
The Scheme offered is "oriented towards protection of capital" and "not with guaranteed returns". The orientation towards protection of the capital originates from the portfolio structure of the Scheme and not from any bank guarantee, insurance cover etc.
The ability of the portfolio to meet capital protection on maturity to the investors can be impacted in certain circumstances by changes in government policies, interest rate movements in the market, credit defaults by bonds, expenses, reinvestment risk and risk associated with trading volumes, liquidity and settlement systems in equity and debt markets. Accordingly, investors may lose part or all of their investment (including original amount invested) in the Scheme. No guarantee or assurance, express or implied, is given that investors will receive the capital protected value at maturity or any other returns.

Key Benefits

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* :

  • Short term / Medium term/ Long term savings solution – This willdepend on the tenure of the Plans launched under the Scheme.
  • A Hybrid fund that seeks to protect capital by investing a portionof the portfolio in highest rated debt securities and money market instruments andaim for capital appreciation by investing in equities.

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Key Features


A Close ended income fund


Regular & Direct


Default Option


Application Amount

Rs.5000 (plus in multiples of Rs.10)

Min. Additional Investment

Rs.1000 (plus in multiples of Re.10)

Entry Load


Exit Load


Redemption Cheques Issued


Minimum Redemption Amt.

Rs.500 (plus in multiples of Re.1)

Systematic Investment Plan


Systematic Withdrawal Plan


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Fund Manager

Rahul Goswami,Rajat Chandak and Chandni Gupta