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ICICI Prudential Gilt Fund Treasury Plan-PF Option

There are those who are willing to be aggressive with their investments and those willing to suffer small setbacks for potentially higher gains. But there is also a section of people who believe in 'Minimal Risk'.

Yes, this is possible through an investment in debt securities, but only those that originate from the highest quality borrower in the system, namely the Government of India.

ICICI Prudential Gilt Fund, an open-ended gilt fund is completely focused on such debt securities issued by the Government. It offers through two options -
Treasury Plan - short-term deployment of funds in G-Secs with low volatility
Investment Plan - medium-term investment in G-Secs with relatively steady returns and market volatility

Investment Philosophy

This pure debt fund invests only in Government securities which cater to a long term horizon by investing in securities of longer tenure. It benefits by earning the higher yield associated with longer term investments, however comes attached with a higher level of interest rate risk, in the short to medium term. This is because the portfolio's value is marked to market, and therefore responds to changes in market interest rates. The funds objective is to closely manage the downside risks of the portfolio arising out of changes in the market rates, by actively managing its duration.

Key Benefits

  • A portfolio with a pure exposure to government securities.
  • Facilitates participation in the wholesale market for Government debt, even for smaller ticket-size exposures.
  • Provides the benefits of professional management of investment portfolios.

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* :

  • Medium term savings solution
  • A Gilt Fund that aims to generate income through investment in Gilts of various maturities.

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Key Features


Open-ended Gilt Fund


Regular & Direct



Default Option

Dividend Reinvestment with Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly frequency.

Application Amount

Rs.5000 (plus in multiples of Rs.1)

Min. Additional Investment

Rs.5000 (plus in multiples of Rs.1)

Entry Load

Nil. Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI registered Distributors based on the investors' assessment of various factors including the service rendered by the distributor.

Exit Load


Redemption Cheques Issued


Minimum Redemption Amt.

Rs.500 (plus in multiples of Re.1)

Systematic Investment Plan

Monthly: Minimum Rs.1,000 + 5 post - dated cheques for a minimum of Rs.1,000 each Quarterly: Minimum Rs. 5000 + 3 post - dated cheques of Rs. 5000 each.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan

Not Available

Fund Manager

Rahul Goswami and Anuj Tagra